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8/30/2009 - will remain on hiatus through September. Sorry folks, but still don't have a new site ready and I ain't doin' things the old way no more.

There is a plethora of pay services that you can use as well as internet searches. By going to the LINKS page, you will find most of my resources.

Submissions are gathered from a variety of sources including Internet sites, word-of-mouth, email submissions to the webmaster, publications, etc. Every effort is made to verify the information but this is a free site and maintained in our "free time." We depend on our users to share information with us. Still, it is amazing that many competitions will continue to seem like they�re accepting submissions (and even accept your fees) but they no longer exist. This is a reference tool, not the playwriting competition bible. Desktop References for the E-Merging Playwright
  • Dictionary ... Mirriam-Webster � gotta love that girl
  • Thesaurus ... When you've found the right word but you prefer its knock-off
  • Open Source Shakespeare ... Steal from the unapologetic thief himself
  • Greek plays - text ... Before Brits and Romans, these guys knew how to play
  • Theatre History ... Written by the victors, natch
  • Wikipedia ... The controversial encyclopedia that must be verified to believe
  • Bible ... Bible Gateway � you can get the quote that best suits you � just like a right-wing politician/evangelist!
  • The Q�ran (the Koran) ... It�s not only for radical insurgents, they just hijacked it (see politician/evangelist reference �Bible,� above)
  • Encyclopedia of Mythology ... Muses can be located alphabetically
  • Library of Congress ... As if anyone in Congress has time to read
  • ... how to: create a hero, write a play, write reviews, write rejections ....

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